Onyx Mueller

Writing Amazing Tech Specs!

31 July 2021 – 360|AnDev (Denver, CO, USA)


…you’re about to launch a new mobile app that your team has spent months working on. When you try to verify a feature in staging, nothing works as expected. After digging into the problem, you discover that the data the feature was relying on has completely changed.

…while trying to integrate a framework needed for a new feature in your suite of apps, you discover that one of the platform engineers has been working off of an outdated tech spec, nullifying weeks of their work.

…after announcing that your team is working on a new feature, you’re flooded with requests to widen the scope of the project. Bogged down by new requirements, you begin to wonder whether the feature will ever make it into production.

What do these past challenges have in common? Each could have been prevented by an amazing tech spec!

Writing an amazing technical spec increases the chances of having a successful project, service, or feature that all stakeholders involved are satisfied with. In this talk, we’ll cover what a tech spec is, the benefits of writing one, and the recommended ways to incorporate it into your process or organization.