Onyx Mueller

WarBall and the Muellers

22 December 2011

For about 7 years now, my family/friends and I have had fun battling it out in a fantasy football league called WarBall. To steal some text from the league’s manifesto, “WarBall is a highly competitive, private fantasy football league… If you have the intelligence, strategy, and decision-making to be a true general in the game of fantasy football, then WarBall is for you.”

“Highly competitive” is an understatement to me. I’ve played in many other leagues, but none of them were as challenging to succeed in as WarBall. I can honestly say I’ve had a lot of success in leagues outside of WarBall. But in the 7 years of WarBall, not so much! I finally did earn my first championship (last year! yay!), but it wasn’t easy. The runner-up and I continued a trend of having a different WarBall champion and runner-up every single season (in other words, no one has been the champion or runner-up twice).

Perhaps one could say that the competitiveness of WarBall is directly linked to the size of the prize pot (paid out to both the champion and the runner-up in a 70/30 split). While that may be true, I’d like to attain that WarBall’s challengingly nature is attributed to the seasoned fantasy football gamers that play the game.

Why am I telling you this? Well, considering my perception of WarBall’s competitiveness, it brings me joy to see my family members in the top ranks this season! All 4 of the Muellers playing are part of the top 5 WarBall teams in our 14-team league this season.

Screenshot of 2011 WarBall Standings

This Mueller dominance of WarBall is very cool to see! (At least to me! :-p) What’s even more neat is the fact that we are all roughly sitting around 7 – 4 (hats off to my sister with the slight lead!) heading into the last two games before the playoffs. You can’t make this up people.

Go Muellers!

Update: After another round of games, which we won or tied, we all have the same winning percentage!

Screenshot of Updated WarBall Standings

Update: I was the only one *not* to make the playoffs! 😀 Congratulations goes out to my brother for winning WarBall this year!

— Onyx