Onyx Mueller

I have to give T-Mobile props

09 March 2011

Note: This is a test post from the WordPress app for Android. Please excuse any mistakes caused by my “fat fingers.”

T-Mobile has been going from city to city, upgrading their network infrastructure to enable HSPA+/4G speeds and become one of the largest (if not the largest) HSPA+/4G networks out there. I’ve been with T-Mobile for a long time (7+ years?) and it’s kind of cool that without having to pay a extra dime, my phone’s bandwidth in Denver went from fast to really fast without having to do anything. Check out the snapshot of my recent bandwidth test below:

Screenshot of 2011.03.03 T-Mobile Denver speed test on Nexus One

Throw in better customer service (this is my opinion – I’ve had both AT&T and Nextel in the past) and the peace of mind that I’m getting a good deal on my cell phone plan, I can’t help but give T-Mobile props.

— Onyx